Lleida Site

Industrial area El Segre
Parcela 509
25191 Lleida – Espanya

t: +34 973 20 30 00
f: +34 973 20 55 03

Vilafranca Site

Industrial area Sant Pere Molanta
C/ Sant Miquel d’Olèrdola, 8-14
08799 Sant Pere de Molanta (Olèrdola)
Barcelona – Espanya

t: +34 93 818 14 96
f: +34 93 818 11 61

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Teifer is situated on the Influential commerce area in Barcelona.

The Company has two well-located bases in Catalonia equipped with a tank cleaning stations, with the latest technologies and its corresponding treatment plants. These installations are designed with all of the functioning of the base developments with the maximum environmental respect. The sum of the two bases has an area of 26.000m2 (that 3.800m2 of which are Developed.)

It is a very favorable strategic situation, well has all type of services and supplies in a maximum radius of 1Km. Is also geographically situated in a forced passage place for all the ware transports that connects Barcelona and Tarragona with Bilbao and Madrid.

For your information:
Distance from the base of Vilafranca to Barcelona’s Port: 60 km.
Distance from the base of Vilafranca to Tarragona’s Port: 62 km.

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