Containers warehouse

Teifer warehouse offers a global service for the containers of its customers

  • Storage and handling of containers
  • Inside and outside washing
  • All types of maintenance for the container and its equipments
  • Minor repairs to the outside part of the container (shell, painting, labeling, etc)
  • Test at entrance/exit of the warehouse
  • Pressure Testing ADR/IMO of 2.5 years and 5 years
  • CSC periodic reviews
  • Liners and Flexitank installation/removal

The containers warehouse is a very important portion inside the logistics chain. There, the importers can deposit their empty containers, and the exporters can collect them to dispatch. This way it saves time, space and money for companies. It becomes unnecessary for a firm to have an industrial shed or a zone to keep their containers. Besides that, the importer company can leave their containers nearest to the exporter company location that has to collect them. In this way, all parts can save the time in transfer of the container towards the location.

The storage containers depot of Teifer has a large capacity of storage, and has modern equipment for the manipulation of containers and well qualified operators.

Teifer is well situated, it is located in the industrial polygon of Lleida, which has a high capacity of access and low traffic. In addition, Lleida is the second capital in terms of population in Catalonia, and is situated near Barcelona, Huesca, Tarragona and Zaragoza, so in a short time you can be anywhere in Catalonia or Aragon.

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