Tank cleaning system

In order to bring about the cleaning of the tanks indoors, they must be empty and clean of any type of chemical residue. In such a way that the tanks will be prepared again for transport of chemical products, even if the products are not incompatible with those previously transported.

Before proceeding to cleaning, the last discharger must give assitance that the tank has been discharged completely, and after being discharged, the discharger will leave the tank empty, purged and evacuated, of any type of liquid rest. It must disassemble the load collectors to wash them separately. When the interior wash of the tank is finalized, and the interior atmosphere of the tank is proven to be safe, that all is cleaned and there are no residue of chemical products. This process will be certificated by a specialist.

When these actions are completed, the professional responsible for the installation will deliver the corresponding certificate to the company.

The Teifer cleaning system is located in Vilafranca del Penedès site in Barcelona. It is equipped with the latest technologies and specialized staff, thanks to which Teifer is able to offer its customers a high quality service at a competitive price.

Teifer is an A.N.L.I.C. partner (National Association of inside tanks cleaning system) which in turn is a member of E.F.T.C.O. (European Federation of Tank Cleaning Organizations). So, with each cleaning an EFTCO European certificate is issued. In all our cleaning system, we clean all types of product except dangerous goods of Class 1 (explosive substances and articles), Class 2 (gases) and Class 7 (radioactive materials).

  • It has three cleaning lines with 14 rotating washing heads. All lines have hot water, steam and hot air for drying the inside of the tanks.
  • Two out of the three lines are 80 bar pressure and 1 is 200 bar pressure. In this last line, there is a head that can shoot 215 liters/min at 200-bar pressure
  • Water heated to 95ºC at the 200 bar pressure line
  • 4 lines for steam heated tankse
  • 4 lines for heated water tanks
  • 4 lines for electrically heated tanks
  • Wastewater treatment plant with physicochemical and biological treatment.

The quality, safety and environmental friendliness policy of our cleaning station, are supported by the following certifications.

certificacio anlic

ANLIC membership

certificacio eftco

EFTCO membership

certificacio iso 9007 certificacio iso 14001

ISO 9001 and 14001 Certification

certificacio sqas

SQAS evaluation

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