Intermodal transport

Due to globalization, the international logistic processes are constantly changing. There are a lot of news and changes every day in the international eye and in Teifer we adapt and update them as quickly as possible. The economic crisis suffered in the lasts years has also given place that the company has to adapt to the new market requirements. The merchandise transport is an important part of the international logistic chain and is a part of the economic process, due to many goods that must be transferred every day from one part of the world to the other, and in Teifer we know how to do it efficiently.

The intermodal transport appoints the movement of the commodities in a same unit or vehicle, using successively two or more ways of transport without handling the goods in any of the exchanges. The efficiency of the intermodal transport forms it like an alternative to realize commercial transactions. This provides a great competitive advantage to the company that uses it, because many businesses that do not have access to this service and cannot complete deliveries and sales in such areas of the world. In many cases, this is the key of success in any type of management about the supply chain or logistic plan.

By doing this type of transport, the inertia is reduced to the minimum. In addition, the intermodal transport is considerate of the weather and the environment which allows to reduce external expenses and the combination of the regimens of a full load and groupage. The objective is offer the best combinations to the chargers; in this way, we can satisfy the demand of the customers that do not need the entire space of the container.

Since 1985, Teifer provides its customers with solutions for intermodal transport. We have a wide range of containers for solid products, liquid products and gases. Teifer uses its know-how for advising their clients the most efficient combination of different means of transport in order to reduce costs and be the most respectful with the environment. Thus, in accordance with the guidelines of the European Authorities, the CO2 emissions are minimized, without losing the service quality warranty

Teifer has its own means so that enable us to intervene at all stages of the intermodal operation:

  • Tractors and platforms for container transport at origin point or destination
  • Forklift for handling container
  • Cleaning station, storage and maintenance of containers
  • Rail and ship operators hiring
  • We control the intermodal transport from the origin point to the final destination
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