Quality and Safety

Teifer believes that the quality is a prerequisite for achieving the success of any project. It is a very important aspect to the business, this way all groups are satisfied. Products with Good quality and service will be more efficient in consumer satisfaction in order to build a promising relationship. It is for this reason that, since 1996, Teifer has implemented a system of quality management, safety and environmental consciousness, which ensures that the freight is being handled with the highest quality, reliability and safety in all areas. We have to take care of the environment around us and each of us have to be conscious with our planet. In Teifer, we take into account, with maximum security of all of the treatments of hazardous goods.

In order to ensure the optimum maintenance, we perform constant periodic revisions to our fleet, as well as to the facilities associated with the service. The continuous training of our employees enables us to increase the quality and safety of our services. All this enables us to keep all four certificates that back us and at the same time helps us to be more competitive year after year.


ISO 9001


The ISO 9001 standard, developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), defines the requirements for a company’s Quality Management System (QMS) in order to ensure the quality of their products and services. Customers prefer suppliers that count on this accreditation, by confirming that the selected company provides an appropriate system of the quality management (SQM).

Every six months, we pass an audit produced by an agent of certifications, so we guarantee the accomplishment of the conditions that the ISO 9001 rule enforces.

ISO 14001


The ISO 14001 standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) determines the requirements for an Environmental Management System (SGM) of the Company, in order to identify, control and reduce the environmental impact of the company’s business.

The ISO 14001 system allows us to systematize a simple form of all the environmental aspects generated in all of the activities that are developed at the company. Apart from promoting the ambient protection and the prevention of pollution.

This way, our company is positioned as socially responsible, such as the careful consideration of the negative environmental impacts of our activity and making sure they are reduced, as well as the risks associated to accidents.



The European chemical industry uses a wide range of logistical services provided by third parties, in order to store, handle and transport chemical products. The chemical companies look for guarantees of that the operations that are carried out with security and with the highest quality to protect the environment of the health of employees and the public.

The European chemical industry uses a wide range of logistical services provided by third parties, to store, to handle and to transport chemical products. The chemical companies look for guarantee that the operations are carried out with security and with the enough quality to protect the environmental, the health of the employees and the public.

This way, the logistic service providers are avoided by continued evaluations that could every chemical company can give input in an individual way and with contrasting judgements. Therefore, the subjectivity is reduced by the intervention of an independent inspector.



Qualimat is a certification created by the French Association for the quality control of raw materials for animal feeding (organization founded by the leading companies in the sector) and ensures the quality of bulk transportation of these types of products. A network of competence is implemented between the food manufacturers, providers, administrators and research organizers with the purpose of adopting the correct measures to help improving quality of raw materials.

The monitoring commission controls the operators of the raw materials transported by road. They also authorize the transporters through an audit. Finally, the monitoring of the undesirable substances inside the raw materials used in the animal feeding is performed.


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